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Bike Fit

Santa Cruz High Performance Bike and Multisport Training

Find out how we can help you strengthen your performance.

Bicycle Trip has partnered with Dave Liotta of BeFit Consultants. Dave offers a comprehensive collection of highly personalized training, performance and sweat testing and bike fitting services. Dave works out of our upstairs Fit Lab. Discover more about Dave and his extraordinary tools and services.

Santa Cruz Road and Mountain Bike Coaching

Coached cycling for physical, mental and social wellness.

Bicycle Trip has affiliated with Albert Saporta of Albert Saporta Cycling, offering coached cycling for physical, mental and social wellness. Albert is a certified advanced tier cycling coach with over 17 years of experience. Albert is also a League of American Bicyclists ‘League Cycling Instructor’ (LCI), and the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club’s Director of Safety and Education and Director of Mountain Biking. His coaching services focus primarily on the beginner to intermediate recreational cyclist seeking to improve bike handling skills, build confidence and improve overall performance. To learn more, click here for his website and here for his Facebook.

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